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Discrete and Continuous Data

A clear understanding of the difference between discrete and continuous data is critical to the success of any Six Sigma practitioner.  The decision about which statistical test is appropriate under a specific set of circumstances very often depends on whether the underlying data is discrete or continuous. Discrete data are also referred to as attribute […]

Measuring Process Performance – Average and Variation

Process performance is universally described in practice by collecting data and calculating the mean (i.e. the mathematical average) performance.  Unfortunately, the variation around the mean is almost never included when describing process performance.  This is a critical oversight that is addressed by the Six Sigma methodology. Let me illustrate with an example that I often […]

What Six Sigma is Not

Most introductory courses in Six Sigma talk a lot about what Six Sigma is.  In our Green Belt course I also include a discussion about what Six Sigma is not.  I feel that this discussion is equally important when one is trying to understand the Six Sigma approach to problem solving and continuous improvement. The […]

Process Capability and Process Control – how are they different?

In our Green Belt course I introduce the concepts of process capability and process control.   I find that many students have trouble understanding the difference between the two.  This is compounded by the fact that the output of a process may fall into of four possible combinations of capability and control. Process capability looks at […]

Six Sigma Certification Program

Six Sigma certification has become a valuable credential in the marketplace. Certification illustrates that candidates have done more than merely complete the training – it means they have truly demonstrated comprehension and application of the Six Sigma methodology, tools, and techniques. Higher quality standards, happier customers, waste reduction, improved efficiency and lower costs – you […]

How PM and Six Sigma Complement each other

I responded recently to a question that was posed about professional certifications. The questioner asked which one would be best to pursue given his job responsibilities, the Project Management Professional (PMP) or the Six Sigma Black Belt. My response was that he should consider both, and my arguments were as follows. Six Sigma is, fundamentally, […]