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Six Sigma training – online or classroom?

One of the dilemmas that students face when choosing Six Sigma certification training is whether to attend a live, instructor led course in a traditional classroom setting or an online course.  Both types of delivery have pluses and minuses. In the classroom, you will have the benefit of interaction with your instructor and the other […]

Multiple Intelligences and Six Sigma Training

I am often asked to provide recommendations on how to develop and/or select Six Sigma training programs.  An interesting and very useful theory of how people develop and learn is the theory of Multiple Intelligences, developed by Howard Gardner, PhD, Professor of Education at Harvard University. This theory explains that each of us has a […]

Selecting a Six Sigma Training Program

I am often asked how one should go about selecting a Six Sigma training provider and training program.  Because there is no universal standard for Six Sigma certification, you should ask the following questions about any certification program that you are considering whether it is delivered online, in a classroom setting, or at the company where […]