Baseball Sabermetrics and Six Sigma

The Six Sigma methodology relies on decisions that are made based on facts and data.  One of the challenges in the Analyze phase of Six Sigma is being able to identify what is really going on in a process based on the facts and data that were collected in the Measure phase.  Another challenge is […] read more

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Data Segmentation

In Six Sigma we collect and analyze data in order to look for patterns that will help us understand the behavior of a process and where to focus our improvement efforts.  Prior to collecting the data, we need to think about how we want to analyze the data.  If we fail to collect the detail […] read more

Data Stratification

Six Sigma is a fact and data based approach to problem solving.  After we have defined a gap in performance and have collected data about the performance of a process, we need to analyze the data to find the root cause or causes of the problem.  Data stratification is a tool that we can use […] read more

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