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From Model-Based Engineering to Model-Based Systems Enterprise

WHAT IS MODELING ABOUT? George E.P. Box, said: “Essentially, all models are wrong, some models are useful.” Modeling, in the broadest sense, is the cost-effective use of something in place of something else for some cognitive purpose. It allows us to use something that is simpler, safer or cheaper than “reality.” A model represents reality […]

A Summary of “Going Digital: Implications for Firm Value and Performance” by Chen, W. & Srinivasan, S. (2019)

This academic article represents a large empirical study investigating the implication of implementing digital technologies on firm-level performance and the perceived market value. In essence, the findings suggest that the market values investment in digital transformation as disclosed in the management text of the 10k, but the non-financial value of digitalization is poorly reflected in […]