How to Thrive with Low Power, High Interest Stakeholders, “the Builders”

image003Nothing warms a PM’s heart more than motivated volunteers.

That’s what I call stakeholders who do not have “power to impose”, but have lots of “interest to take action”. They want to be involved, be in the loop, and make a difference.

The PM, then, must:

  1. Channel that enthusiasm quickly and constructively. Otherwise, the Builders will become discouraged and feel overlooked.
  2. Provide Builders with access to information using “pull” communications
  3. Manage their expectations
  4. Have them think “globally”, but act “locally”
  5. Reward and recognize their involvement.

Since 100% of the projects are under sourced by design, Builders are needed to pick up the slack. The PM should make appeals for volunteers and assign a team member to manage them. Builder’s influence the people around them as well as their management. They are excellent in creating good-will and support for the project.