How to Thrive with a HI Power, LOW Interest Stakeholder, “the Knight”


In the Pimage003MBOK’ s Power-Interest grid, the stakeholder with “Power to impose”, but without “Interest to take action” is called the “Knight”. As long as the project it moving well, and his interests are being preserved, the Knights are content and passive. Knights are neither friends nor foes. They are busy in court playing politics and seeking the favor of the King. They are suspicious and apprehensive, concerned about their reputation. They see through smoke and can spot deception. They see the PM as the soldier in the field protecting the interests of the Knight as well the kingdom (company).

The PM must show loyalty and transparency to Knights. The PM must be at his best professional behavior at all times; never to take sides between Knights nor speak disparagingly of any. The PM must understand each Knight’s agenda, i.e. goals and objectives, and ensure they are achieved. The PM pays deference, informs, and responds quickly to each Knight, and avoids any surprises.

Knights are great assets for PM’s. They are ready to intervene at a moment’s notice, but don’t be too quick to get them involved nor cry wolf too often.