Listening to the Voice of the Customer

Six Sigma is a customer focused, fact and data driven approach to improving the output of a business process.  It is critical that we listen carefully to what customers want and need before we try to design or make improvements to a process to meet their wants and needs. Many business process improvement initiatives focus […] read more

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How to Thrive with Low Power, High Interest Stakeholders, “the Builders”

Nothing warms a PM’s heart more than motivated volunteers. That’s what I call stakeholders who do not have “power to impose”, but have lots of “interest to take action”. They want to be involved, be in the loop, and make a difference. The PM, then, must: Channel that enthusiasm quickly and constructively. Otherwise, the Builders […] read more

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How to Thrive with a HI Power, LOW Interest Stakeholder, “the Knight”

  In the PMBOK’ s Power-Interest grid, the stakeholder with “Power to impose”, but without “Interest to take action” is called the “Knight”. As long as the project it moving well, and his interests are being preserved, the Knights are content and passive. Knights are neither friends nor foes. They are busy in court playing […] read more

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Can Six Sigma and Business Process Management Coexist?

One of the most powerful ways to improve business performance is combining business process management (BPM) strategies with Six Sigma strategies. BPM strategies emphasize process improvements and automation to drive performance, while Six Sigma uses statistical analysis to drive quality improvements. The two strategies are not mutually exclusive, however, and some savvy companies have discovered […] read more